Well, it all started in 2009 when two storytellers decided to shape their knowledge into a business model. Way back in 2009, Dec 16 to be precise, this agency was founded with the name ‘ileadfarmers’. Our idea was to generate business leads through lead farming techniques. Unlike others, we were fortunate in having a smooth start, but soon we realized our clients need more than just leads to cover the distance between lead to deal. And that’s how we stepped in to marketing, designing, UI/UX and we didn’t even realize that we are now a full service digital agency. We wanted a new identity, so after 7 years, on Dec 16, 2016 we got a new name for ourselves and talkd. was born.


A rare species, who believe in empathy, learning from unlearning, working together with a common vision, playing hard to win and not to defeat. We have built a happiness based work culture where there is no line between personal and professional life. We are so transparent that there are no walls in our office. We value quality work and never compromise on investing in something good. And yeah we greet you with some wine & cheese, though we have Indian masala chai as well for pure soulful hardcore desi guests.

Digitally Yours Since 2009