We aren’t just a motley group of people working together. We are a cult which believes in right attitude backed with transparency, quality and a zeal to evolve. Here, you would find technology enthusiasts who continuously unlearn to learn the new. Each and every one of us are driven to be “Intrapreneurs”, driving sales through the quality of individual contribution. Our workplace is a dojo of transparency and camaraderie, without any walls separating hierarchy, without any boundaries between personal and professional life. Because, for us our work is damn personal and a conscious career choice. Yes, we value quality and do not compromise on hard-work but we never shy away from shaking a leg and celebrating when the time is right.

Business Development (05)
Competency: Lead generation, Account management, Email marketing, Contacts discovery.
Graphics Design (05)
Visualizer/Artist/Manager Competency: Illustration, Custom graphics, Interface design, Advance Photoshop, Flash animations, Websites.
Digital Marketing (02)
Executive/Manager Competency: SEO/SEM, Social media, Marketo, Hubspot, Email marketing, Campaign management.
Content Writing (02)
Executive/Manager Competency: Copywriting, Blogging, Technology, Mass comm, Editorial, Magazine, Digital publication.
Project Delivery (02)
Leadership/Management Competency: Account Management, Project Management, Analytics.
User Experience (02)
Analyst/Manager Competency: UX Tools, Certification, Web & Mobile Projects, Interaction Design.
Front-end Development (02)
Developer/Project Manager Competency: CSS, Angular Js, Mobile App front-end, Material design.
Administration (02)
Assistant/Executive Competency: Office Administration, Vendor Management, Facility Admin.
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