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Explorers. Discoverers. Braniacs.

Our Vibe.

At Talkd. we challenge ourselves everyday. We encourage criticism and thrive on innovation. We are driven by the Power of Why Not. We keep asking new questions and experimenting with answers. We resonate at a different frequency from the rest of the world, and our zest is to never say No.



Meet the minds who channel our vibe. Globe trotters, gadget lovers, and visionaries - they chart the unconventional route of our thought process. With years of storytelling expertise and a design thinking approach, they channel the true potential Talkd. has.


Founder & CEO

The Storyteller who amazes people with his Design Thinking skills. His genius is in the Simplicity he brings to his work, effortlessly deciphering the complicated with intelligence. Expertise in technology and a drive for making Good things Perfect transformed this Techie-Investment Banker into an Entrepreneur. Sudhanshu's working style is future-focused. He’s passionate about Design, Technology, and above all about People.



Founder & Director

She is a human Wikipedia who traveled half of the globe, and her travel is her success. Standing true to her name, she believes in Process, driving the agency to the next level through her powerful vision.


Head Of Finance

Some people have Business in their genes, and he is one of them for sure. The man who runs the show called Finance, he has got an MBA from UK and business acumen from his DNA.