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ileadfarmers Advisory Board Broadens With Induction Of New Thought Leaders

By June 6, 2016December 22nd, 2023No Comments

Recognizing the significance of holistic thought leadership and guidance in a strategic business, ileadfarmers brings in more zest and expertise to its Advisory Board. After Sachidanand, ileadfarmers welcomes Balaji Desikamani and Sunder Sarangan as the new advisors for marketing and overall business respectively.

Balaji Desikamani, Sr. Vice President of Marketing – Aurionpro, will be advising the team in leveraging core marketing strategies for better positioning, brand leadership, and market penetration. With a holistic experience of leading the marketing initiative of services and products for technology companies, Balaji brings in significant insights that can channel and fuel the marketing program of ileadfarmers with more vigor.

Guiding the overall strategic business Sunder Sarangan, Chief Marketing Officer, Persistent Systems, will support the leadership to drive the growth strategy of ileadfarmers. With over eighteen years of experience in the tech-marketing space, Sunder’s visionary insights will be influential to the growth map of the agency.

Announcing the addition of Balaji and Sunder to the Advisory Board, Shashi Sudhanshu, CEO of ileadfarmers said – “Culture in an organization is important and so are the business and marketing aspects. Together, they drive the business to a new level. At ileadfermers, we are proud to have industry leaders whose invaluable guidance will enable us to achieve holistic growth at all levels of the organization.”

ileadfarmers will strive to scale new heights establishing industry benchmarks and new best practices empowered by the insights from its advisory thought leaders.