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United Airlines Logo

PetSafe dashboard

An innovative predictive dashboard for station supervisor to make sure all the pets traveling to and from the airport are well taken care and pets travel safe. 

United Airlines Logo

Baggage rerouting app

Designed a cutting-edge dashboard to provide real-time bag tracking, empowering porters to ensure swift ground-to-gate bag delivery.

Singapore Airlines

Interactive digital magazine

Physical magazines transformed into a personalized, interactive digital magazine with a connected experience on the in-flight infotainment system, taking aviation technology to greater heights.

Air Arabia Logo

Employee self serve portal

Employee self-serve portal for employees to book the flights, holidays from the positive white space facility provided by the airline to its employees worldwide showcasing how aviation apps help the aviation technology sector.

Singapore Airlines


Designed and developed aviation websites for all partners and ecosystem players of Singapore Airlines who wish to buy APIs to integrate with their booking engine to access real time flight data.

BUTLER Aerospace & Defense Logo

Aerospace web portal

Designed a wonderful, classy aviation website for world’s leading aerospace and defense company Butler – HCL Company.


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