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and discover

Analyze the data at hand and Discover stakeholder problem statement with Design Thinking.



Show, not just tell the possible solutions with founders and experts defining its value-prop



Team-up of right experts - Agile PODs or Design Squads ready to Design the solution architecture.



Rapid Prototyping and Agile Iterations and Development of the desired solution and its validation.



Augmented experience of the developed solution, with Marcom support for distinct identity.


Our waypoints to augment
your desired results

Like a celestial body shining bright on the canvas of space, ASTRA highlights our approach to Tech-ahead
of today’s technology practices. You can consider ASTRA as a constellation – connecting the dots between
how we Discover, Design, and Develop, bespoke experiences and engineered solutions.


From start to success

TALKD ASTRA page image

Why it’s worth its salt?

As in Sanskrit, we perceive ASTRA as our Divine Weapon to address business and
technology challenges. ASTRA converges our multifaceted expertise and flexible
processes in the Design Thinking, Rapid deployment of resources, with the
Founders and Functional experts guiding the team. The difference it weaves is
evident in the following aspects:

Reveals pain points
behind every problem

ASTRA helps discover the true pain
points beyond the problems perceived
by the client’s stakeholders.

Faster PoC and even
faster engineering

Because of rapid prototyping, we are
able to showcase tangible proof-of-
concepts and develop them in Agile mode.

Relevant solution
eyeing end-users

Design thinking in play means the
relevant solution that helps end-users
or target audience is ideated.

Where there’s ownership,
there’s no task

ASTRA helps the execution team set
defined metrics, ensuring that they own
every stage of the project execution.


Experience ASTRA first-hand as
you engage with our experts.