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Highlighting Why ileadfarmers Is Different Than Other Indian Agencies

By October 31, 2016November 2nd, 2023No Comments

Why do things the usual way?
Why be a bird of the same feather just to flock together?
Why do things just for the sake of doing it, without meaning, without purpose?

At ileadfarmers, these questions haunt us. Where other enterprises stick to following the flock, doing things as per the established procedures of business operations; ileaders dare to take a different route. Not just that, we do not take a different route just because we have to, but we do it with a higher objective in mind, one that sets us apart, and establishes us as a differentiator.

That’s why, when we set out to plan this year’s Diwali celebration we had something different in mind. Diwali, the festival of lights is an occasion that transcends professional boundaries bringing people closer. Normally, sweets, traditional outfits, rangoli, go as you like and crackers are commonplace when celebrating Diwali at every office.

At ileadfarmers, we perceive these to be ordinary and mundane.
At ileadfarmers, arranging these activities is like doing them just for the sake of doing them.

So we did something unprecedented – a live concert of Indian Classical Music. On Wednesday, 26th October 2016, ileadfarmers hosted Pandit Sudhakar Chavan and his daughter Shashwati Chavan who mesmerized the assembled dignitaries and ileaders, taking them on a melodious journey of Shashtriya Sangeet.

How does it make us different?
Why would arranging a concert make us unique?

Arguably, this is something that has never been done, in any Diwali celebration, by an Indian company, ever before. That too, with an eminent Virtuoso of Indian Classical Music and his accompanying veteran musicians, performing on the office floor itself! Such a sight is common in an auditorium or amphitheater with a mature and erudite audience, not within an office space amongst the presence of today’s youth. Moving beyond crackers, rangoli, and sweets, this is how we celebrated Diwali.

As mentioned earlier, we do not do things just for the sake of being different but with a higher purpose in mind. This evening of musical euphony was no exception either. Through Classical Music, we celebrated the ilead culture and our musical heritage – something that binds us all and is intertwined in our DNA.

We always look at the higher purpose, the greater goal.

The concert highlighted our roots to emphasize how important it is to understand one’s heritage and how it impacts us. Here, one of the most important virtues of an ileader is respecting one’s roots and every ileader reveres our rich musical history, a fact evident from the awestruck young ileaders. Normally humming to the tunes of Arijit Singh, they were spellbound and captivated by the mesmerizing Ragas and Bhajans sung by Panditji and his daughter.

It is not easy to be different. Even harder is doing things differently eyeing a greater goal. But at ileadfarmers, being different gives us a unique identity as a distinctive and globally aligned design agency.

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