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The New Financial Year – ileadfarmers Setting The Foundation For The Road Ahead

By April 4, 2016January 31st, 2024No Comments

The financial year 2015-16 ended on a great note for ileadfarmers. There were significant achievements to be lauded as well as learnings to be incorporated. With the commencement of the new financial year, it was time to celebrate old achievements, internalize learnings, and focus on the new set of 365 days.

On the 1st of April, 2016, ileaders participated in a strategic workshop to revisit the learnings and successes of the past and ideate the roadmap for the new financial year. This was a day wherein there were no campaigns, no project meetings, and no client deliverables. Instead, this was a time to evaluate performances and explore the strategic plans of ileadfarmers, with an open mind and broader perspective.

The workshop, organized at The Cliff, near Manas Lake, was a platform to pave the flagstone for the onward journey for the ileaders as well as ileadfarmers. New benchmarks, new goals for the year, and new ideas were part of the discussions of the day. The open forum acted as a catalyst for the ileaders who expressed their thoughts and ideas regarding the way ahead.

“The past year has been a mix of challenges, achievements, and insights, all critical elements to imbibe in our corporate roadmap. Accordingly, the workshop was a channel to streamline our goals and mission for this year. A mission in which everyone will play an important role contributing to the transformative success story of ileadfarmers”, said Shashi Sudhanshu, CEO, ileadfarmers.

Adding to Shashi’s comments, Pranali Vichare, COO, ileadfarmers said, “The meet, an incubator of ideas for the next steps of our strategic plan for the next set of 365 days, was an enlightening and informative experience. The feedback and suggestions we received will be crucial for overall growth strategy.”

ileadfarmers endeavors to strive towards their set of goals for this year with equal zest and vigor as always, imbibing storytelling for achieving excellence.