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The New Brand Launch Of ileadfarmers Incorporating The Evolved Meaning Of The “i”

By April 1, 2016January 31st, 2024No Comments

At ileadfarmers, we believe change is consistent, and that change is moving towards a higher benchmark. With each passing day, we grow and learn something new and we ensure that we incorporate that into our ideology and practice to bring change, to evolve.

This year, ileadfarmers has evolved once more, giving new meaning to the “i” of ileadfarmers and craving a brand new logo that signifies the “i” with increased zeal, intensity, and passion. The new logo, highlighting warmth and intelligence, is a fusion of the art and science of designing based on the ARMM model of logo design.

ARMM or Attention, Response, Meaning, Memory model connects visual art with scientific logic to ensure a logo design is perfect, from all dimensions. At ileadfarmers, we imbibed some of the rules of the ARMM model and simultaneously we modified the other rules to keep in sync with the emerging trends in the 2016 design.

Revealing the new logo of ileadfarmers, Shashi Sudhanshu, CEO, of Ileadfarmers said, “The ‘i’ of ileadfarmers signifies leaders, intelligence, individuality, and warmth. Leveraging the ARMM model we have crafted the new logo of ileadfarmers, one that connects. The new design – a fusion of a triangle and a powerful arrow, moving ahead showcases growth, success, and our passion for making simpler things beautiful.”

The new logo is a significant step towards the aspirations of ileadfarmers for the year 2016, evolving as a global digital agency and striving towards the new benchmark of excellence.