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New Identity At The 2nd World Storytelling Congress

This isn’t me. This is the new one-liner description of me, which has been used by my peers and my employees since last Friday. The day wherein I received the World’s Best Storytellers Award, at the 2nd World Storytelling Congress, Mumbai. Even better is the fact that I shared the spotlight with some of the predominant names in the world of storytelling – my co-speakers and participators at the congress.

Yes, I feel privileged. Yes, I feel proud. Both are justified on account of being a part of an elite roster of individuals who can weave stories that connect and the recognized by an elite gathering — the World HRD Congress. Yet, this isn’t me.

Without a doubt, I love storytelling and infuse its intricacies in every project that we undertake at Talkd. A passion for telling stories and doing it better than others is a different thing. You got to be good and to be that you need to follow the best. At Talkd, we revere some of the best storytellers the world has ever seen, from Shakespeare to Tagore to Steve Jobs. We follow the ideas and the ideals they laid forth. And that’s how I see myself – one who follows in their footsteps and simultaneously brings his own passion and fervor to the mix.

I am a journeyman, an observer, looking for stories beyond the obvious.

– From the diary of Shashi Sudhanshu, CEO & Founder, Talkd

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