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If people were okay with buying ugly stuff, we could have been out of business. If they could just read your mind and heart, we could have been out of business.
Thank God, the world still needs a storyteller!

San Francisco. Chicago. Pune. Bangalore

CMO Function. Enabled.

While the world is busy connecting the dots, let’s do some serious sales enablement. With no nonsense content, designless design and data driven results. It’s no magic, it’s technology business.


Pitch. Process. Playbook.

Our’s is a pitch-perfect, process optimized, playbook enabled approach that brings you a step closer to striking the deal. Your team, our capabilities. The result? Sales selling better!


Content. Tools. Distribution.

We transform the Marketing journey of your enterprise. Connecting marketing with the perfect story that starts from content, travels through tools, into the right channels of this digital world.


Website. Creative. Production.

Clean is the new beautiful where design-less design strikes the minds of your intended audience. A story of excellence where less design is mixed with tech-innovation and creative content.


Usability. Mobility. Innovation.

Product innovation is more than an expertise. At talkd. this is a passion of our techno-scientists. Be it mobility or VR or wearables, they channel their passion to craft magic.

Clients in Action

Co-Ownership. New Success.

Because we eat impossible for breakfast, our work travels a little faster than 299792458 metres per second.




Technology. New Creative.