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Consulting – Pillared on
Design Thinking

Discovery to understand. Design thinking to explore. Strategic roadmap for business touchpoints.

Brand - Sales - Marketing - UX - Leadership

Sound business decisions are paved at the crossroads of rightly identifying business problems and consulting for sustainable solutions. Design Thinking is our guidepost on this crossroad of advisory support across business functions and addresses the new needs of the digital era.

We lead with discovery under this approach to understand clients’ businesses, gauge pain points, and pave the roadmap of your strategic steps, empowering all business functions.

Design Thinking at the Heart of Advisory Capability

Design Thinking becomes the base of our systematic reasoning to discover problem statements, keeping end-users as the focal point. What’s unique in our approach is the blend of business understanding and technology know-how, thanks to our experts.

Consulting on this proven model empowers us to guide strategic roadmaps, foster innovations, lead teams to deliver experiences, develop products, and devise campaigns with better customer recall.

Stakeholder Interviews

  • Recording a business objectives at a strategic and operational level.
  • Data points gathering for detailed research and insight into problems.
  • Mapping the approaches attempted before – if any.

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Understanding of users in multiple focus groups, their problems, and the impact.
  • Dive into the roots of the problem and the window of opportunities.
  • A shared vision to list the business objectives and identify ways to achieve the outcomes.

Design Thinking Led Solutions With Discovery as the Pivot

  • Focus on target audience and data-driven research.
  • Build on this robust research with design thinking as the foundation.
  • Stakeholder and user interviews over the initial discovery to narrow down and identify the business problem.
  • Experts identify pain-points and brainstorm for best-fit solutions.
  • A solution to strategic action plans communicated in playbooks, GTMs, UX sprints, etc.


Breaking yesterday’s practices of brand building, companies feel the urge to be noticed faster and connect with their customers better, all the while encompassing the shifting market dynamics and expectations.

A thorough brand audit is the first waypoint based on a detailed study of the brand, product/services, perceptions, etc. We work from there to establish the brand identity, craft brand collaterals and tailor the right branding strategy for consistent experiences across touchpoints.

Brand Discovery/Audit

  • Think tank to assess existing brand communications
  • Competitor brand study
  • Customer journey definition
  • In-depth analysis to assess the overall brand
  • Brand report

Brand Positioning/Repositioning

  • Brand elements (brand identity, values, pillars, etc.)
  • Brand messaging architecture
  • Brand’s visual guide and touchpoints
  • Documenting it all in brand creatives

Branding Strategy

  • Defining audience persona
  • Internal branding
  • Competitive profiling
  • Storytelling framework
  • Outreach blueprint


Forging strong customer connections starts with well-planned user-centric marketing. To this end, we help marketers have a better understanding of not just the products but also the user’s experience, personalizing marketing communications.

We consult on a company’s marketing function from the end-user perspective to rightsized concepts, campaign ideas, and content strategy. Better ROI from every touchpoint is the outcome – every time.

Assessment – Overall Marketing Health

Holistic assessment and reporting on

  • Current brand communications
  • Current brand positioning
  • Website health
  • SEO performance
  • Multi-channel presence
  • Marketing tools

Marketing & Content Strategy

  • SEO-driven content plan
  • Content lifecycle planning
  • Promotion planning
  • Inbound/Outbound campaign planning

Marketing Playbook

  • Goal setting and measurement
  • Communication & strategy
  • Marketing platform integration/optimization
  • Holistic marketing approach (Digital, PR, Performance Marketing)


In the increasingly competitive landscape of sales, past experience and intuition aren’t always foolproof. Design thinking puts the buyer at the center of your sales strategy, helping personalize experiences and increase conversions in the sales funnel.

Workshops run by expert consultants bring your sales team up to speed to sell effectively. Subsequently, the sales playbook converges the best practices and techniques for every possible sales situation. Ultimately, you create more value from your sales cycle.

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Assessment of the current sales cycle
  • Buyer persona identification
  • Pain points identification
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Solutions to sales challenges
  • Defining key performance indicators

Go to Market Plans

Well-mapped B2B sales plan on:

  • Strong knowledge of the buyer’s journey
  • Identifying multi-channels for outreach
  • Relevant messaging
  • Right mix of channel and sales outreach

Sales Playbook

  • Team process and engagements
  • Call scripts/Email templates
  • Lead qualifications
  • Product demos
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Objections Handling


A value-driven UX-led growth strategy calls for discovering the user expectations and pain points, backed up by design thinking. Identifying the personas who experience your products, conducting user interviews and user research helps to understand the ideal user journey. Ultimately, a well-laid UX strategy to prototype the desired products and services can lead to enhanced experiences.

Discovery & UX Audit

  • Understanding business goals
  • Identifying the problem(s)
  • User research workshops
  • User journey mapping

Product Innovation

  • Validating the need/problem statement
  • Define desired experiences
  • Design the experience strategy
  • Digital product activation plan


Within the shifting dynamics of today’s business landscape, the weight of a leader’s decisions can make or break an enterprise. To succeed, visionaries need to see the world from the lens of their people, partners, and customers.

Through our programs, we help leaders hone design-led and human-centric decision-making. Workshops and sessions empower them to mirror decisions based on employee and/or consumer experiences, enabling their organizations to engage and thrive.

Design Thinking Workshop

  • Intro to design thinking
  • Exploring business challenges through empathy
  • Generating/refining disruptive ideas
  • Identifying solutions
  • Foundation for design thinking led business model design

Leadership Alignment Program

  • Understanding leadership capabilities and organization goals
  • Leveraging real-world scenarios to assess decision making
  • Define the context where leaders can operate optimally

Corporate Playbook

  • Organization culture and strategy alignment
  • Product profile & customer persona
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Strategy framework

Explore Business Problems & Optimal Solutions From the End User’s Perspective