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Solutions for Flexible
Business Delivery

Flexible delivery partner for startups, SMEs and MNCs on rapidly scalable teams

Every business has unique requirements. For instance, a startup may require expert teams to assist with launching their minimum viable products (MVPs), while rapidly growing companies might need a scalable growth plan. In the case of large enterprises, they may require specific skill sets for various global teams spread out across different locations.

At Talkd, we offer flexible engagement options to address a wide range of needs within both enterprises and business functions. Our primary focus is on swiftly assembling teams that precisely match your requirements in terms of skills and size. We also provide efficient ramp-up and ramp-down processes to meet any evolving needs that arise in your business landscape.

Design Thinking Led Website

Planning a website starts with a structured approach led by Design Thinking to address identified issues besides end-user and stakeholder expectations. This process begins with design thinking and data gathering to gain deeper insights, followed by internal validation of the problem statements. Stakeholder input is then analyzed to propose tailored solutions. To ensure their viability, these solutions undergo rigorous cross-validation. Ultimately, these efforts culminate in a comprehensive summary of findings that serves as the foundation for developing strategies in website positioning, design, and development, all aimed at better experiences and increased conversions.

Our Competencies

Leveraging design thinking and data gathering to enhance user experience and website effectiveness.

Ensuring website performance aligns with business objectives through rigorous internal assessment and validation.

Expertise in analyzing stakeholder input to propose customized website solutions that address unique concerns and requirements.

Ensuring new trends in design and development are incorporated into the project eyeing superior visitor experience and conversions.

Marketing & Design Squad

Ready to engage marketing and design executives

For CMOs, where the marketing function, strategic leadership agendas, sales support for core sales teams, and myriad other demands converge, the importance of visual design cannot be overstated. The true advantage here is with a team of seasoned experts available precisely when you need them, all while adhering to a swift delivery schedule – deployed in our Marketing & Design Squad.

Our marketing team tackles a wide array of storytelling and is bolstered by creative visualizers. Collectively, they excel at creating visually captivating materials including videos, presentations, brochures, and more. What sets us apart is the scalability of our squads – capable of efficiently supporting multiple projects across various teams simultaneously.

Our Competencies


Brochures, Flyers, Presentations, Datasheets, etc.


Event signages, Office signages, Outdoor campaign signages, etc.


Corporate videos, Product demos, Teasers, Leadership videos, etc

Performance Marketing & Digital Desk

Find voice in the
noise – driven on data

A capable performance marketing agency, we leverage platform-led enriched marketing strategies. Our Digital Desk excels at ensuring strategy into outreach and inbound programs that resonate effectively with target audiences. Proficient in both client martech platform management and cross-channel marketing, our performance marketing teams are dedicated to boosting top-line sales through our in-house platform, ultimately delivering enhanced campaign ROI.

Focus Areas

Brand Activation Program

Crafting your brand
activation roadmap

Discover the key to unleashing your brand’s maximum potential through our meticulously crafted strategies. Our approach is designed to spark unparalleled engagement, nurture enduring loyalty, and propel significant growth within the highly competitive market landscape.

UI/UX Teams

Your team for
experience innovation

Whether it involves a UX Audit or crafting a new application’s interface, each project demands the optimal blend of skilled UX analyst and UI design team. We swiftly gather and mobilize the essential teams to promptly initiate your business requirements.

Technology Centre Of Excellence

Harnessing synergy in skills, experience, and technology

The Technology Center of Excellence serves as your solution for agile development requirements, whether it’s for a web portal or a mobile application. In our Delivery Center, agile teams, consisting of project managers, technical engineers, and experts in various development formats, seamlessly function as an extension of your business, aligning with your objectives with minimal guidance.

ODC Delivery Models

Contract-Based ODC Model where requirements come from one central team, and we deliver as per the contract scope.
Customer-Based ODC Model where we partner with our client in a large project for an end customer, with agile teams – built on the end customer’s specifications.

Embrace the Flexibility of Skills & Tech – Without Bearing the Setup & Management Struggles