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Integrated Marketing – Digital Marketing

Social media to Ad campaigns. Martech to email marketing. Creating digital experiences that define your brand.

Digital Marketing - Social Media Management - Martech- SEO
- PPC Campaigns

The digital marketing world finds at the epicenter of Martech, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, PPC campaigns and SEO. Our focus lies on creating a 360-degree digital experiences for the audience by ensuring your brand speaks the same language on all platforms.

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management

From content creation to conveying them through meaningful creatives, churning out value-added deliveries for your audience is something we aim for.

Our agile social media plan, helps you surf new trends and alter actions according to needs. We combine the power of content and creatives to portray your company on social networking platforms

  • Defining clear goals for your social media
  • Understanding your audience
  • Choosing the right social media platform
  • Setting up CRM tools
  • Auditing social media platforms
  • Choosing the right social platforms


Using Marketing tools we decipher the data and analytics for optimizing digital strategies that drive results for our clients across all media channels.

Marketing tools, coupled with the right digital marketing strategy is a ROI generator. We assemble the right combination for the two. Martech provides us with a myriad of options in fast tracking marketing functions that TALKD can leverage to maximise your business potential.

Building a marketing stack can be challenging, with careful audit about your business needs, a technology driven marketing process can be put in place that garners results such as:

  • Unified Data
  • Process Automation
  • Integrated with Marketing Operations
  • Analyze & Optimise
  • Enhanced Metrics


The organic and in-organic landscape of SEO has evolved largely in the last few years. We combine technical SEO with, on-page and off-page to enable your website to garner traffic to your websites.

Half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge in SEO. We cautiously combine the content strategy to create a strong foundation for the website build on that.


On-Page SEO validates the relevancy of your page regarding respective topic. Search Engines play the middle man between your and the users, and try to match your content to the user intent.


Off-page refers to the SEO strategy of influencing your website credibility through other web pages over the internet. Off-page activities leave footprints for viewers to follow, that lead back to your website.

Technical SEO

The activities you perform behind the scenes don’t just reflect directly on the webpage, but on your organic ranking as well. Technical SEO also plays a important role in delivering good user experience. UX may not always contribute to your search engine credibility, but acts as a good form of retaining viewers.

PPC Campaigns

Without targeted advertising ensuring that ads reach a relevant audience, it will be difficult for businesses to reach their audiences in the deluge of digital communication.
Defining campaign parameters we outline cost-effective PPC campaigns to drive traffic on websites and generate leads.
Outlining Business goals
We create strategy that aligns with your business goals.
Market Segmentation
Ensure your business reaches to the right people.
Setting a budget and launching campaigns with pay per click (PPC) or cost per impression (CPM) models.
Continuously gathering data to optimise campaign tactics.

Performance Marketing

Utilizing data and analytics, we assess and optimize campaigns, digital advertising, and promotion to deliver tangible outcomes. We craft and deploy a coherent strategy that involves PPC advertising, search engine optimization, and social media advertising, continuously refining our strategy to achieve measurable goals.

  • Focus on targeted marketing by using tools for audience segmentation, behavioral data, and demographics.
  • Usage of data and analytics tools to track, measure, and analyze campaign performance.
  • Regular A/B testing and optimization of ads, landing pages, and campaigns.
  • Monitoring the cost of acquiring customers versus revenue for ROI focus.

Let Us Expand Your Digital Outreach to Drive ROI’s