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Integrated Marketing
Lead Generation

Generate more opportunities for better
ROI through our Sales Enablement

Prospecting & Profiling - Email Marketing - ABM & Non ABM
- Lead Management & Nurturing - Appointment Setup - Events & Webinars

Connected efforts across digital marketing channels, with different campaigns and assets, scripted to answer target universe expectations are at the core of our effective lead generation strategy.

1. Target Universe Discovery

Defining ICP including demographics, firmographics, interests, pain points, buying motivation, and discover region specific target universe for database.

2. Planned Outreach

Executing planned campaigns and direct outreach to the universe – leveraging personalized messaging and lead magnets to generate curiosity.

3. Conversion & Qualification

Captured lead input through landing pages, paid promotions, etc. are qualified and top-of-the-funnel leads handed over to client sales team.

4. Nurturing & Conversion

The team engages prospects in the lead management journey, nurturing them with campaigns and insights for higher conversion chances.

Lead Generation has always been about being at the right place at the right time. We address the requirement and demands by offering solutions that match user expectations and pain points – at the right moment.

Prospecting & Profiling – Email Marketing – ABM & Non ABM – Verified Database Solutions – Lead Management & Nurturing Appointment Setup – Events & Webinar – Analytics & Metrics

Prospecting & Profiling

When done right, prospecting is the fastest accelerator of conversions and deal closures. Yet, it’s the process many sales teams find the most challenging, having difficulty in tracing buyer intent.

We refine enterprises’ prospecting approach, profiling the ideal customer personas and categories. Accordingly, we discover the target market and the best means to connect to these ideal prospects. We back this up with personalized communications and engagements, with a faster TAT to connect and convert leads.

Email Marketing

Despite the marketing landscape being re-written due to the changing world, email-marketing has gained momentum as a tool. Being remote, has increased the need for brands to connect digitally, and personalized mailers, adhering to the privacy laws and norms, have given them a voice.

Well-architected email marketing outreach can lead you closer to connecting with the audience 1-to-1, with personalized messaging. The focus here isn’t just the right segmentation of the audience and a planned strategy, but consistency across all communication touchpoints and integration to enterprise CRM and martek tools.


Emails Dedicated Landing Pages

Target Universe

List Segmentation & Targeted Emails Contact List Management


CRM Engine Marketing Toolkits


Campaign Objectives & KPI Full Metrics Reporting


What happens when your marketing and sales functions are in complete sync? You will experience a focused growth strategy, personalizing buyers’ experiences across targeted high net-worth accounts.

Our engagement starts with strategic account planning, often leveraging a sales playbook to ensure ABM alignment between sales and marketing teams. We discover, target, attract, and engage high-value accounts, with personalized outreach based on the plan, analyzing outcomes, and iterating for the best RoI.

Streamlining Account Based Marketing

  • Understanding of users in multiple focus groups, their problems, and the impact.
  • Dive into the roots of the problem and the window of opportunities.
  • A shared vision to list the business objectives and identify ways to achieve the outcomes.

Lead Management & Nurturing

Guiding leads to conversions means navigating an increasingly complex and digital world, and traditional cold-calling isn’t the answer for faster conversions. A 360-degree outreach to continuously engage with the prospect is essential for them to notice your product/offerings.

However, keeping them invested and interested calls for a broader strategy that seeds trust and strengthens customer relationships. Modern approaches leveraged by our team center on personalized communication and targeted content for every step of a prospect’s journey in the sales funnel.

  • Content Marketing
  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Curated Research Content
  • Social Media Outreach
  • Visual Marketing with Custom Infographics

Appointment Setup

Our expert appointment setters are aware of the factors that result in high-quality leads and meetings that your sales team will accept and close. Additionally, because Talkd. has an optimized call focus technique, our efforts to set up meetings for you result in a great return on investment while lowering your business expenses. Our appointment-setting programmes are supported by a large volume of activities coupled with analytics that show the specifics of each call we place.

We refine prospecting approach, profiling the ideal customer personas and categories. Accordingly, we discover the target market and the best means to connect to these ideal prospects. We back this up with personalized communications and engagements, with a faster TAT to connect and convert leads.

Events & Webinars

Post the pandemic, the world of events and webinars is a hybrid of digital, physical, and phygital programs. Having digital into the mix makes it all the more important to have the right kind of buzz and footfall in your event. We tackle this on two fronts – marketing and personalized outreach. While digital creates the desired visibility on social media channels, targeted outreach to event attendee profiles ensures that you have a list of registered attendees.

Outreach to Encourage More Registrations

  • Personalized email invitations for your webinar and event registrations.
  • Higher email open rates, click-through rates, and ultimately more event and webinar registrations.
  • Social Media Marketing and boosted campaigns, creating the online buzz.

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