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5 Ironies Of IT In India

By July 17, 2018October 31st, 2023No Comments

A Fun 2 Minute Read

There’s no dearth of ironies in India. Our corporate sector is one such place. As a creative agency specifically serving tech companies, we come across some ironic experiences. Here are some:

The Irony of ‘Print’ Mentality

We encountered a digital transformation company that asked us to send a PRINTOUT of the invoice with a STAMP, on reception of which they’ll send a CHEQUE to our POSTAL ADDRESS. It felt like Mark Zuckerberg was sending a pigeon to poke his friend.

Indian companies still have to let go of the ‘Print’ mentality. Despite the talks on paperless operations, we still don’t feel safe until we have something in “hard copy”. 

The Irony of Security Seeking Supernatural Help

Our sales team once visited a high-profile Cyber Security Company. The high-tech office had a Nazar-Suraksha-Kavach or evil eye charm hanging right in the work area. Maybe we should start designing some suraksha kavas for your websites too *wink*

Cybersecurity is the biggest concern for the IT Industry. Ironically enough, it doesn’t seem to be so for the security providers themselves.

The Irony of Video-conferencing Meetings in Person

A company providing video conferencing solutions asked us to travel to Bangalore and meet ‘in person’ because they weren’t comfortable with long-distance conferencing. Beats the purpose? We’ll say beats our intelligence. We’re starting to doubt their confidence in their product.

Our tech is emerging and evolving. Our habits, however – are still not.

The Irony of Outsourcing

Doesn’t it essentially mean contracting OUT of a core operation? It doesn’t. We had a  global outsourcing company, who asked us to come and work at their location, rather than the other way around. Maybe they need to re-look at the meaning of outsourcing.

The Irony of Pseudo-names

BPO is the new stereotype about India after snake charming. On one side, we claim to be the brains of the world, and on the other hand, we have an Indian tele-caller, complete with a thick Indian accent calling an American lead under the pseudo-name of Elena Jones. Trust me, doesn’t work.

All these, though hilarious, pose one big question. Are we embracing the Digital way of work the way it should be? Beyond just adopting the latest tech, what needs to be changed is the old thought process and culture. Only then can these ironies be transformed into ideas.

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