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Digital Marketing gets more Challenging in 2019

By August 30, 2019January 31st, 2024No Comments

Let’s talk about a topic close to the heart of every Digital Marketeer – how Digital Marketing has changed in 2019. You can take notes because the scenario isn’t so rosy. Digital Marketing is getting more Challenging in 2019. Yes, you heard it right! The road has become tougher in 2019 because of the advent of technology.
By why do we need technology in Digital Marketing? It’s because businesses are investing in Digital Marketing and consequently demanding that Digital Marketing initiatives bring the desired ROI. However, marketers are not seeing the expected ROI yet and this is where technology is stepping in with accuracy and intelligence.

Let’s discuss four technologies providing insights to Digital Marketers as well as challenging Digital Marketing Strategies and action plan.


AI has brought to businesses the power of insights on customer behavior – from buying choices to consumers preferences. AI can leverage volumes of data and provide intelligence and analysis to Digital Marketers, who know their audience better than before.

Today, all this intelligence brings about categorization of the target audience, into tiny groups. Digital Marketers will only need to decide how to utilize this intelligence for personalizing pitches for a particular set of the target audience. As a marketer, how are you mapping these groups to your marketing messages? It’s high time you map it.


With AI comes the opportunity of Personalized Advertising which is again a big challenge for Digital Marketers. It becomes important for marketers to map intelligent conversations to target audiences that AI has analyzed. This would have taken days in the past with people not knowing their target audience and where to invest money in terms of Digital Marketing. Today, analytics-driven insights have changed this. However, the challenge still remains in mapping custom messages to the numerous categories of target audiences, generated by AI.


The third one on our list that’s aggressively being implemented into Digital Marketing is Chatbots. With millions interacting with Chatbots daily, almost 70 to 80% of Tech-Savvy businesses are planning to use Chatbots or already using it. Chatbots today aren’t that developed nor intelligent and this is a Digital Marketers challenge now – how to use AI in Chatbots to streamline complex human conversations.

As we move towards 2020, Digital Marketers will be challenged to leverage evolved Chatbots to make complex human conversation simple so that Chatbots are going to become personal assistants to consumers, helping with buying decisions.

The fourth and last technology highlighted is Video Marketing.


Video Marketing and Live Videos have become the crux of major promotions. What started with Facebook has now proliferated to Instagram and LinkedIn too. The roadblock for Digital Marketers with Videos is how to chalk a robust content strategy mapping AI-driven audience categorizations. Another challenge is the distribution of the content recorded or streamed live, where one needs to decide the right platform that would be the best for your target audiences.

Today, a lot of enablement is coming through AI and other technologies in Digital Marketing. But, as easy as it gets for marketers to identify consumers it is going to be even more difficult to use all this intelligence and produce strategies that could be bang on to the ROI expected from all the implementations in the Digital Marketing.