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Event Acceleration in 2019 and Beyond

By April 24, 2019December 22nd, 2023No Comments

Participating organizations invest a substantial budget be it through sponsorships or setting up the booth, getting collaterals designed, promoting through marketing channels, etc. But the questions remain – How do you map ROI from these investments? How do you leverage this opportunity to the best?

In this series, we are sharing our thoughts on how to make the most out of event participation. We are covering the aspects of how you can get results from inbound campaigns, outbound campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, appointment setting at the booth, design wonders, videos, collaterals, etc.

Let’s look at how they can lead you to fruitful event engagements, opening revenue streams.

Storytelling Video For Events

Can Videos strike a conversation at Events? Only if they tell a good Story. We start the series about Event Acceleration, with the story of how we develop Storytelling Videos that help to strike a conversation during events.

Q 1. Why Storytelling Videos For The Events?

– When people participate in events they put up videos which are a normal product based or service explainer videos. Whereas when you use Storytelling videos for the events they are more interesting for the audience who is gonna visit your booth at the event.

– When you use the same storytelling videos for event promotion on social media, they create a brand recall value

– Storytelling videos are very important during the new product launches and big announcements at the event.

Q 2. How fast a storytelling video can be produced?

– Normally depends on the requirement of the story from the client

– It also depends on the type of video to be produced i.e. Footage based or Animation based video

– We make storytelling video in a day but sometimes it might take 5-6 days as well.

Q 3. Three Must Haves For A Good Story?

– While writing the script for the storytelling video, the groundwork should be research and empathy based

– Your content should be minimal and speak more in fewer words

– The video should be maxed on visual representation

These are the three must-haves for a good story.

Digital Magic To Generate Inbound Leads For The Events

Can Digital Marketing drive ROI from event campaigns? Our Digital Marketing Executive talks about the digital tools and tactics, leveraged to provide to the clients the desired results.

Q 1. How Digital Marketing Helps In Generating Inbound Leads For The Events?

– Digital Marketing helps in a lot of ways to generate the inbound leads for the events and we do a lot of things to achieve it.

– We start from the SEO specifically done for that event page which we create on the website.

– We focus a lot on social media campaigns for a particular event by researching the hashtags and trends about it.

– We also do paid campaigns to boost event promotion and reach it to a large audience.

These activities help the prospects to get in touch with your content way before the event happens and that helps in increasing the engagements and leads eventually.

Q 2. What Advanced Tactics You Guys Use To Promote Events Digitally?

– We use a lot of advanced things but Strong Engaging Content ranks at the top of our list throughout the event journey right from the website event page to the social posts.

– Then we use the paid campaigns to target the exact audience that will be going to the event using targeting methods like Job titles, Skill Sets, Experience, Company name, etc.

– We also play a lot in the website aspect like Landing page design, forms, colors the CTA’s, etc. Which helps to engage with the users.

Q 3. Can Paid Campaigns Justify The ROI?

– We believe they can because using digital marketing for events, you can track all of the data right from the click, impressions, CTR, conversion rate, etc.

– You can see how many people are actually visiting your booth at the event against the investment that you have done on the digital paid campaigns.

– Also paid digital campaigns allow you to run very targeted ads, not random ads to anyone. And that’s ROI for us in 2019.

Outbound Campaigns For Event Marketing

Outbound campaigns can increase event footfalls and appointments, but only when it’s done right. Let us share how deploying commercially viable outbound campaigns propel your Event Acceleration.

Q 1. What Is The Difference Between Conventional Lead Generation Campaigns and outbound Campaigns For Events?

– The process remains the same for both, core strategy is what makes the difference.

– We do strong research and target the exact decision-makers who are supposed to attend a particular event using a meeting invitation directly to their booth or our booth.

– We also focus on other activities to get engagement such as Social Media, Creative video for the events.

– These all activities helps in building the in-person interaction with the prospect which eventually helps in the sales process.

Q 2. What Is The Standard Process You Follow To Do This?

– Our process takes off with event-specific research which helps us understand what type of event it is. We help our clients stand out from the competition using our event acceleration programs.

– Next, we focus on campaigning which helps our clients reach out to the exact decision-maker for their product or service.

– After conducting the event we also do the analysis of the huge data and make sure to convert it into sales sort of data.

Q 3. What Are The Two Most Important Things For Campaign Success?

This is not something for an event campaign, these points can also help in any of the lead generation campaigns that you are doing. There are two most important things for it:

TARGETING RIGHT PROSPECTS: To help our client stay occupied during the event we make sure to fix appointments with the right kind of audience.

PRECISE EMAIL SCRIPT & CONTENT: Creating the right kind of content and putting that in front of the right audience is equally important for the campaign’s success. We make sure the person gets excited about meeting us at the event just by looking at the email script.

So finally there are two things – RIGHT CONTACT & RIGHT CONTENT.