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Quality Wear It Like An Attitude

By December 28, 2017January 31st, 2024No Comments

Once again, it is the last day of the year. Once again, it is 31st December. Which means tomorrow is the new day of a new year. A day for the masses to start something new, or at least planning and trying to. We all have so fashionably fashioned this practice to the term — Resolution. So come tomorrow from college grads to professionals, young to the elderly will commit themselves to some “Resolution” to do and achieve something. And why is that? ’Cause it’s a new year!’, they would say in reply.

You know what, it doesn’t matter.

New Year Is A Myth
We wake up to a new day, don’t we? Then, why is it that new things should be reserved for the ‘New Year’ only? Every day is a new one and an opportunity to fill it with something new — be it a good article I read online or a new recipe I found worth trying. All we need is a good story that fills up the empty pages of the day. Trust me, if you see days from this perspective, the first day of any year will be just another day yet to be explored.

Unfortunately, most individuals hide behind the calendar, bringing time as a shield. New Year then becomes only an excuse. Party hard the night before, wake up, and convince ourselves we left the days behind and look for a new start or adopting something fresh. What’s this mindset that drives many? It’s nothing other than the inertia to face the uncertain days ahead.

Hope — Fuelling The 31st Illusion
We need that ’31st of December’ to delude ourselves to believe, it’s the end of a phase, hoping that things will be better than what they are now. Ultimately, it’s this hope that brings us to chant the countdown to the clock striking midnight on the 31st night. But it’s nothing but an illusion.

People hope they will work out a hell lot of things. Resolve — to forgive, to move on, to confess, to propose, join the gym, follow a good diet, to start something new, to give up drinking… and whatnot. But how to instill this hope if there is no 31st? Without it, on any other day, such resolutions would be meaningless.

Unfortunately, that’s how it goes and the world moves on.

Regardless, I won’t spoil the day for my naive little friends who are enjoying the “New Year”. So, Happy New Year folks! Do keep up the hopes on 1st Jan 2018.