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We Don’t Need No Education

By August 1, 2018October 31st, 2023No Comments

Hiring not on qualification but on knowledge and passion.

Another Brick In The Wall. This Pink Floyd hit of 1979 rebels against the education system. It’s 2018, yet the song is so apt in today’s world of higher education – which is its mechanical best. The impact – a pool of candidates, qualified on paper but not job-ready.

Since the early days of ileadfarmers, I have handpicked our team members, judging them on the strength of their USP. The degrees were a mere checklist and never an important factor in my hiring decision. Why? Cause I never wanted just another ‘Brick In The Wall’.

We Don’t Need No Brick In The Wall

In large enterprises, some people work following a set process without room or need for innovation or applying ideas. They fit in neatly, just another brick in the wall. I don’t need such bricks of robot-like people.

Being a fast-growing organization I need people with the ability to make decisions, to improvise, to put their knowledge to use. It’s these guys who match with the ROI I map for Talkd. They always have something unique that’s suited to a particular role. This USP matters. So, if you are coming for an interview at Talkd, ask yourself – ‘What’s my USP?’.

The Equation Of Organizational Culture

Not every organization is the same and neither is their culture. A startup environment is challenging. It’s fit for people who are rational with the ability to mold themselves as per the situation. A large enterprise, on the other hand, thrives on set processes. The culture nurtures executors who will follow the set procedures.

A fast-growing firm like Talkd requires a bit of both. A rational group keeping their minds open to new thoughts, yet capable of seamlessly executing current processes.

Education Vs Knowledge

I have seen a rising trend of candidates with a latitude of degrees on their resume. Yet, when asked basic questions related to their course, they have failed to furnish proper answers. I remember an MBA failing to answer the basics of Demand and Supply. Which raises the question – What have you learned? How does your knowledge justify the degree you possess?

Do You Remember Your Subject Matter?

When asked basic questions in an interview, 8 of 10 candidates don’t recall their subject matter. Why so? It’s not that the course matter is extremely complex, it’s mostly because students aim for the degree rather than the knowledge imparted. The outcome is the rise of qualified candidates and fewer and fewer informed candidates.

An informed candidate knows his stuff, and is aware of the job expectations and what he can deliver. What’s more, they build on their acquired knowledge and focus on lateral skills. Take one of our Business Heads – a person from a Marketing Background who acquired the requisite technical expertise in design and UX principles. He now heads the TalkdUX BU.

The Talkd Way Of Things

I have always considered people who are driven by the will to unlearn and learn and they bring something unique that justifies the ROI. We have people who have built lateral skills.

Our Copywriting team has learned the basics of WordPress. They implement content updates themselves reducing dependency on the developer. Our pros of Photoshop, are mentored by developers and eventually start working on Website development too.

At Talkd, there’s no policy to restrict the willingness to learn something new. Here, the sky is the limit if you have built a knowledge base and are willing to spread your wings to learn beyond their familiar horizon.

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