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Remember those nursery rhymes and Aesop’s Fables we grew up listening to? Seem pretty fresh right? That’s because they weren’t all just text, but they were an engaging mix of pictures, drawings, narrations, and performances. You’d be surprised to know, that #ModernMarketing can benefit phenomenally with this very aspect of interactive content.

Here are some ways to make your content more engaging, and in the end selling.

Blogs, Whitepapers and Case Studies
These seasoned forms of content can still be effectively utilised if made creatively interactive. By gating these with form-fills, enabling comments, and promoting them to targets, ample conversions can be made possible intelligently.

Conduct webinars
Webinars are a new and effective technique for building interactive content. Conducted live and in realtime, webinars include questions, surveys, tests, and quizzes to intelligently engage the audience for given topics.

Amplify Videos
Videos are anyway more likely to be viewed over written content. By making them interactive, you can enhance the experience altogether. VR views, 360-degree walkthroughs, popups, and AR functionalities can really surprise your audiences to hit the like button and contact you.

Infographics instead of Paragraphs
Make your content more visual with by including infographics. Isometrics, flowcharts, GIFs, and surveys can really liven up your content for the viewers. By customizing your infographics through questions can encourage users to keep going forward.

Keep it short. Keep innovating.
The real beauty of interactive content can only be experienced if its kept short and novel. Don’t overdo the same form of engagement. Hit the right point, answer it, and move ahead to a new technique. Always keep thinking of newer ways to ‘talk’ with your audience.

To wrap up, interactive content is here to stay. It’s time everyone caught up to it and utilise it the best. When talkd takes over the marketing, lead generation, and UX functions of your product, service, or brand, we employ our design thinking and market expertise to come up with highly engaging interactive content in the form of websites, videos, design collaterals, events, and mobile applications.

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