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Resonating the spirit of nationalism, freedom, and celebrations, Talkd celebrated India’s 76th Independence Day – a day of unity, pride, and purpose! Our teams seamlessly blended Independence Day office celebrations along with learning, networking, and the sheer joy of one unit with one identity, reflecting the very essence of how we operate at our office.

Kicking off the day, a heartfelt introduction by our Founder & CEO Pranali Vichare set the stage, painting the day’s agenda with hues of anticipation. We took a break from our daily office responsibilities, waving the Tricolor Flag of our Nation and gathering to celebrate this Historic event.

We made progress in the event with our Town Hall Meeting. An integral part of the day – where our big-picture plans for the future were laid out, offering every member a perspective of our shared vision. Every department took the stage, proudly presenting its future vision. The presentations not only highlighted Talkd’s achievements but also resonated with the spirit of national unity – a reminder that just as India’s diverse states are integral to its growth, every department plays a crucial role in the company’s success.

Then came a segment many of us eagerly awaited – the open Q&A with our CEO. Transparent, candid, and insightful, it was a testament to the open culture we foster here at Talkd.

We all have read the history of a country in textbooks, but it was a unique experience of walking those steps again through the eyes of Mr. Shashi Sudhanshu. With his exceptional Storytelling, he walked us through the journey of historical milestones of a nation.

The spirit of recognition is ingrained in Talkd’s DNA. And what’s a celebration without acknowledging the TalkdStars among us? The applause that followed the rewards and recognition ceremony wasn’t just a routine appreciation. It was the sound of mutual respect and the celebration of achievements.

As the day unfolded, the spotlight shifted to our Talent Programs. True to our belief in holistic growth, this platform was an opportunity for the diverse talents present in our midst. From melodious voices to captivating performances, Talkd shone in a light like never before.

As the day drew to a close, the essence of our Independence Day Celebration 2023 remained. Talkd didn’t just celebrate a historical date; we embraced the values it stands for. Our unity in diversity, our collective aspirations, and our relentless pursuit of excellence – all these echoed the spirit of freedom, a freedom we cherish and vow to uphold.

So, here’s to India, to freedom, to unity, and to the countless moments of growth and celebration that await us. At Talkd, we embrace the spirit of freedom, not just on Independence Day but every single day. Cheers to many more milestones, both national and organizational!

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