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I believe in the Design Thinking potential of Talkd for 2018.

My vision for 2018 is to systematically expand into new geographies, streamline processes through Design Thinking, my new talent, and build a stronger team. Over the long term, my objective is to evolve into an agency that is more profitable while emerging as a strong player in Digital and Design innovation on the global map. For that I want Talkd to grow smarter in terms of skills, run leaner in terms of operations, and move rapidly into the future to remain profitable.

I envision a powerful sales team outlining aggressive global campaigns to increase revenue while controlling expenses through process-driven optimal operations, to become a more disciplined agency in terms of processes and approach.

My team with I are preparing for the future, balancing short-term tasks with the longer-term vision to drive Talkd into further innovation and exciting ventures in Design and Digital.

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