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A new year means new resolutions for the populous. For businesses, it means exploring the year’s market trends. So what’s trending in the 2019 business-to-business landscape, wherein technology is concerned? Let’s look at the top 3 trends in the B2B technology space, the three that I wish to see in 2019.

TREND 1: Storytelling in the technology world
1. Technology companies are trying to personalize experiences by humanizing technology. To be successful, Storytelling is the only avenue.
2. Storytelling will allow businesses to set the context that connects technology and marketing, for better understanding and adapting.
3. 2019 will see a lot of meaningful tech stories featured on the website, marketing collaterals, and events of technology providers.
4. Tech-storytelling will be better aligned with Digital Marketing with apt messaging and strategies for SEO, SMM, and Paid campaigns.

TREND 2: Marketing & Digital Efforts Generating ROI For Technology Companies
1. We are into the digital age with Digital Marketing taking a significant part of any organization’s marketing roadmap. However, my experience of interviewing Digital Marketers and Social Media Specialists, reveals they are in awe of the tools and techniques rather than the value they bring.
2. I wish that tech companies account for this factor, setting fresh objectives, targets, clearly outlined business goals for their Marketing and Digital Marketing efforts. This will help align digital marketers, who are mostly clueless about the business ROI.

TREND 3: Design Thinking
1. Design Thinking is not anything fresh off the tech oven but till now it has mostly been under-utilized. In 2019 the scenario will change, with technology companies increasingly using Design Thinking as a Problem-solving methodology.
2. This is the major trend of 2019, wherein we will experience technology companies solving Projects, Human Resource, and Sales related problems with a Design Thinking partner.
It’s going to be an interesting year to look out for with the above trends leading the 2019 tech-roadmap. I had already spoken on the topic, further elaborating these three trends. The video is available on our YouTube channel, should you like to check out.

Hope you will have a great year. All the best!

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