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2018 finished with a fresh influx of ideas in UX. However, experiences are ever-changing and call for a new perspective to find success in UX Advisory and Design.

Emerging trends often change problem-solving approaches. Accommodating them in one’s strategy and services becomes a necessity. So here are the 7 top UX trends in 2019 set to impact companies. These are trends we anticipated and are ready to implement, leading you ahead of your competition.

Trend 1: Enterprise Is Going To Be The New Consumer

  • 2019 will see lesser differences between enterprise applications and consumer applications.
  • We are already experiencing this with our enterprise customers who need products with the same kind of look and feel as consumer applications.

Trend 2: Technology

  • Many applications are undergoing a technology revamp and advances in AI and Machine Learning techniques could a significant factor behind this.
  • Accordingly, applications being revamped with AI and ML will also need better User Experience.

Trend 3: Sales Driven UX

  • Sales teams want to become more comfortable when selling their products.
  • To do so, they are demanding the existing applications and products be revamped.
  • Thus, 2019 will see the need for better user experience and Sales teams will drive this demand for UX.

Trend 4: Data-Driven Visuals

  • Apps are increasingly integrating advanced analytics. This means lots of meaningful and dynamic data will come from the application backend.
  • UX will play a major role in reflecting these data points, in the form of visual components, helping with user decisions.
  • Besides this, UX will also lead the transformation of many analytics-driven applications.

Trend 5: UX And UI Will Be Merged

  • Debates have always existed when defining UX and UI.
  • Even in job roles designers have often got confused whether they are a UX designer or a UI designer.
  • However, in 2019, the boundaries between UI and UX will collapse, with customers expecting them as an entire package. That is, the amalgamation of the features, how the interactions are mapped and the visuals.

Trend 6: UX Jargons To Actions

  • Common UX Jargons like Empathy MappingCard SottingDesign Thinking will need to be transformed into practical output.
  • Herein, UX designers will need to communicate these jargons into the applications as experiences.

Trend 7: Gamification By Storytelling

  • Gamification – an important element of driving User Engagement, is increasingly demanded by Consumer and Enterprise application providers.
  • Herein, Storytelling will lead the 2019 roadmap of Gamification.
  • A buzzword in marketing and visual design in 2017 and 2019, Storytelling will continue its impact journey – this time in UX.

We hope you find these 2019 UX projections helpful in building your next big UX Story.

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