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We recently had an enlightening workshop led by our Marketing Executive, Mr. Tanmay Prasad. He explored the world of Video Marketing like never before. The workshop uncovered the secrets behind ‘Understanding Videos in Marketing – GIFs, Promo, Explainer, Slideshows.

It covered GIFs, including creation guidelines and marketing applications like enhancing social media engagement and elevating promotional campaigns.

Tanmay also discussed Social Media Post Videos, tailored for specific platforms to engage audiences effectively. He introduced Explainer Videos, simplifying complex ideas through steps: Gathering Information, Crafting a Story, Scripting, Choosing a VO, Storyboarding, First Cut, and Final Video Delivery.

This workshop reflects Talkd’s commitment to empowering businesses with the latest marketing trends for continued growth and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Cheers to more learning!

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