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Shashi Sudhanshu, our Founder & CEO, had an eventful Saturday the 3rd of August, being an integral part of two events. From sharing his experience about HR practices to speaking about the collaborative gap between designers and developers, he was the source of key insights for audiences at two very different kinds of gatherings.

The first event was ‘CEO Expectations From HR’, organized at the Neville Wadia Institute of Management Studies during the first half of the day. At the event, Shashi played a central role, participating in a panel discussion with HR industry leaders. Following this, he led a workshop on Design Thinking for HR, discussing how this approach is a novel and beneficial way to address people-centric problems.

The second event was Talkd’s own – the Chapter-2 of D.Talks series titled ‘Dealing With Developers’ that focuses on pertinent challenges and gaps in UX Research, Design and Development. Shashi was the key speaker at the event, expounding about the existing but often-ignored gap between designers and developers. He led the audience through the approaches that would bridge this gap and how both designers and developers need to work towards it.
To know more about these events and to participate in the thirds chapter of D.Talks series, contact the team at

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