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Talkd Launches Three Business Units Under The Talkd Umbrella

By May 21, 2018December 22nd, 2023No Comments

Talkd announced the launch of its three new business units – Talkd Agency, Talkd Lead, and Talkd UX, with as the main umbrella of the verticals. The three units were announced keeping in mind the specific needs of the market with respect to various business functions.

While remains the face of the Talkd identity, the site can lead visitors to the verticals capable of addressing their specific needs. Talkd Agency caters to all that is related to Website development, Design, and Marketing programs. Talkd Lead as the name says centers on Lead Generation and all its associated functions. The third and final entity, Talkd UX, will focus on devising and delivering rich User Experiences across digital platforms.

Announcing the launch of the three entities, Shashi Sudhanshu, CEO & Founder of Talkd said, ‘The new business units are a part of the Talkd strategic journey. With the increasingly complex requirements of the digital world, we needed to position our functions distinctly making it easy for our prospective clients to explore how we can address their problems’.

To know more about the three units, visit, and