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Forging a Powerful Partnership With Flight Research Aerospace!

By December 14, 2023January 31st, 2024No Comments

We are proud to announce Flight Research Aerospace as our official partner for spearheading technology innovation in Aviation and Aerospace. A significant milestone was marked as our esteemed Chief Mentor, Shashi Sudhanshu, and Al Moreno – President and CEO of Flight Research Aerospace, came together to solidify this strategic partnership – symbolizing the beginning of a collaborative journey aimed at pushing the boundaries of innovation in the aviation industry.

The Forces Behind the Partnership

  • TALKD – Elevating Aviation Experiences – TALKD has long been a trailblazer in the aviation technology space. Specializing in UX/CX/DX solutions, we have consistently delivered cutting-edge innovations that enhance the way we interact with aviation systems.
  • Flight Research Aerospace – Navigating the Skies of Expertise – FRA stands as a beacon of expertise in the aerospace domain. Already collaborating with esteemed organizations such as NASA and the FAA for air and space traffic management, FRA brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Collaborating For a Resilient Future
We strategically position ourselves to undertake projects within the Aviation & Aerospace sector, leveraging its wealth of experience. From crafting personalized in-flight experiences to implementing advanced Customer Experience (CX) strategies, the partnership aims to redefine industry norms.

Looking Ahead – What to Expect?

  • Elevated Industry Standards: As TALKD and FRA join forces, the industry can anticipate a significant shift in standards. Through a combination of innovative solutions, personalized experiences, and advanced CX strategies, the partnership aims to set new benchmarks for excellence.
  • Technological Integration: Expect seamless integration of cutting-edge technology into aviation and aerospace practices. From enhanced in-flight entertainment systems to streamlined operational processes, the collaboration is poised to revolutionize the way the industry operates.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: A key focus of the partnership is the enhancement of Customer Experience (CX). Discover how TALKD has enhanced CX in the aviation and aerospace industry:

In collaboration with FRA, we are rising resiliently, shaping the future of aviation, and soaring to new heights in the aerospace sector – navigating the skies of innovation and charting a course for a progressive future. Stay tuned for a future where technology and expertise converge to redefine the skies.