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Power Of Storytelling Plotted Into A Presentation

In the era of content and information overload, it’s storytelling that engages the audience. Our client, a well-established IT giant wanted to showcase their capability in Digital Transformation on a deck. Herein, they sought our help for a fresh perspective and a unique story.

Transforming An IT Giant

Our client is a global entity in IT and Outsourcing. However, they wanted to break the market notion of being into outsourcing support, rebranding themselves as a complete Digital Transformation partner. To support this strategic move, they had positioned their Digital Transformation with a crisp five-letter acronym.

Through five alphabets, they communicated their five pillars of Digital Transformation capability. The company wanted to showcase the same with a different concept, one that steered away from repeatedly using technical jargon and designs. And they needed storytelling to connect the dots and amaze.

The Dilemma Of Positioning

Through their acronym, the client had their Digital Transformation support figured out. The challenge for us was to map it into a storytelling concept keeping this intact. We had to position the deck considering the need to seamlessly plot the five components. Moreover, we had to support that with a suitable design theme that fit in and didn’t reflect elements tried, tested, and overused.

The Story Of Our Storytelling

The idea was to zero in on a story that everyone could connect to. Our branding team readied indirect concepts that synced with the client’s needs. We further analyzed our concepts, checking their feasibility in terms of possible visuals and theme options. Eventually, we set our eyes on the heroes and villains of Hebrew mythology, selecting a particular story of a giant and a brave hero.

Apart from the concept, we chalked a visual theme. One that matches the tale and reflects the IT enterprise’s brand ideology and desired impact. Herein, we went with a well-known sculpture of Bernini as our central element. The story and the design theme were now in sync. Our next steps were connecting them with content and slide designs. We took it into high gear, and two days later, the deck was ready.

The Difference Delivered

The hero from Hebrew mythology had vanquished a giant in battle with stones. We took the concept and mapped the same to our client’s Digital Transformation. The stones reflected the pillars of the transformation.

Our designer employed contrasts in design complementing it with white spaces and unicolor visuals. The result – is a clean and visually soothing deck without the standard caricature of technology-related icons, vectors, and stock images.

A Powerpacked PPT

Thanks to our fast design sprint, we were able to deliver well within the project deadline to a delighted client. The deck, one of our best instances of storytelling, had all the elements that matched client expectations. In the end, our storytelling capability had answered our call to battle, and best the challenges faced by this established IT giant.

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