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Making a website is as good as crafting a marketing masterpiece. Codes, content, and design…all have to be combined to produce an appealing online brand identity. Here is a short account of how we launched PCC, a truly social initiative through story, structure, software, and most importantly – EMPATHY.

The Client, About PCC

Every cause needs a crusader. For building the Sampoorna Pune of tomorrow, it was Pune City Connect, a private-public collaboration with PMC. Led by a powerful think tank of Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Ex-PMC Commissioner Kunal Kumar, and Ruchi Mathur, PCC aims to reimagine Pune through 3 dedicated tracks of Digital Literacy, Quality Education and Sustainable Livelihood.

The Challenge, of Identifying the Identity

The biggest task was to portray the Pune of today. We had the challenge of creating an online identity that appealed to an entire city, everyone from an aspiring teenager to a responsible CEO. Furthermore, 3 diverse tracks catering to 3 different audiences had to be highlighted.

The Process, of Building Personas

Much before the actual design, began the process of conceptualizing. A good concept speaks for itself, and when complemented with a befitting design, it shouts out to the world. We began first, with charting out a story that identified the key audiences who would benefit from PCC’s efforts. An image-based design approach was implemented to support the story being written.

The Solution, of 3 Stories

For PCC, we came up with an engaging concept of personas. Nandu (A school-going kid), Kiran (A maid), and Raju (An unemployed youth) represented 3 different audiences of the story and the protagonist was PCC and The Visitor. We pitched PCC and the viewer as the bridge between the transformation of these three characters through quality education, digital literacy, and sustainable livelihoods.

The Impact, of 1 Lakh Individuals Transformed was launched successfully on Monday, 16th July 2018. After 3300 youths enrolled in Lighthouses, 30,000 citizens trained in Digital Literacy, and 60,000 students transformed in Schools, PCC has collectively impacted 1 Lakh individuals. The PCC website was appreciated by the bigwigs of Pune’s responsible citizenry. We invite you to visit the site and join the movement for building tomorrow’s Pune.

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