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Know how Talkd benefits Tech, in just 3 minutes!

Right from an app to an android, emerging tech is making life easy for us as we talk. But are they reaching out to the right audience, in the right way, at the right time? Let’s find out through this story how our hero – TECHNOLOGY can fulfill its purpose with a superpower – that of STORYTELLING!

1. Technology solves, Storytelling sells

One may come up with a brilliant solution like a healthcare dashboard or smart denim. But if the tech can’t be conveyed across in an engaging way, it’s of no use. Storytelling interprets complex technology through intelligent concepts that connect and convince.

2. Tech has innovation, Storytelling has imagination

Tech companies constantly innovate to come up with solutions in IoT, AI, Big Data, and other sectors. They’ve even come up with an automation tool for marketing. Yet, they face the challenge of ‘what to say?’ and ‘how to convey?’.  Storytelling can answer these questions through creative ideas and impeccable design.

3. Tech enhances, Storytelling empathizes

Stories strike the right chords, they stir emotions. Few would buy a smartphone if you spoke about chips and processors, but many would purchase it if it tells a story of connecting two lovers. Storytelling essentially is an art of empathy, in which we feel what the customer will feel, and accordingly construct a message that will compel him to adopt the tech.

4. Tech codes, Storytelling crafts

Technology speaks the language of codes and calculations. Storytelling translates this to simple concepts of creativity, which even grandmas can understand. Personas, Use Cases, and Problem Statements serve as plots to portray technology as a protagonist to tackle real-life issues.

5. Tech develops, Storytelling designs 

Remember those nursery books with illustrations? Now imagine a smartly developed website, an app, or any interface elevated through designs and an engaging story. Your tech solution will be deemed as interesting, not daunting.

We found the gap between excellent technology and a convincing story. And we stepped in with our storytelling. Our stories are backed by science, logic, and thorough market mapping. We don’t just ‘make’ a website or presentation, but we transform it through storytelling and design.

If you have a tech solution that can change the world, come to Talkd for a discussion, and watch your brainchild reach to the right audience with our stories.

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