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An eye opening 2 minute read
Digital Transformation.

Do we really know what this widely trending term means? Let’s try.

Having hi-tech is digital transformation – No
Expertise in emerging technology? – No

Let’s try again.

The term itself is made up of two very meaningful words – Digital and Transformation

The Digital covers all the Technology, which is ideally ever-present. It can be invented, innovated, and updated. But it will always be there. It was there before, its present and it will be there centuries later.

The second part is more interesting. Transformation, not of tech, but of thought and the way of doing things. Technology is then selected to enable this new way of thinking. So the question arises, who will think about this new way? The answer is your culture, thinking, and approach.

Till a CXO doesn’t realize about transforming his/her core function throughout, the transformation will never happen as such. So instead of trying to get the latest digital products, as a decision-maker, you should aim at enabling a transformation of culture, and technology will follow suit.

Instead of pitching the latest software as your strength, businesses should pitch the idea of new thinking. Can the payroll system be automated? Is it possible to take the entire marketing function onto the cloud? Can recruitment be made border free? Questions like these will enable true digital transformation.

Digital Transformation is thus more of Culture and less of Technology. In essence, tech companies should ideally consider a Thought Transformation before attempting the digital version of it. And for that, companies will have to realize that this amounts to 90% culture and 10% tech.

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